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…obviously, Plato’s 9,000 years from Dialogues Critias (198 e), for the Atlantis-experts, arose to a tremendous stumbling block, when Plato let say the Saïtic priest, >...let me begin by observing first of all, that nine thousand was the sum of years which had elapsed since the war which was said to have taken place between those who dwelt outside the Pillars of Heracles and all who dwelt within them.<                                                                                                      Naïvely, our experts calculated the stated 9.000 years, plus 2,500 years that have gone by since Solon/Plato’s times, …with the result of 11.500 years. But with >11,500 years ago< we >land< in the Paleolithic Age or optionally at the end of the last Ice Age, …when the inland-ice still extended to the south of Sweden.

The gist of the matter is that in ancient Egypt, at pharaonic time, one calculated both with >years of 365 ¼ days< as well as with >lunar circuits of 28 days<. But, in as far as we cannot calculate with these proverbial >apples and pears<, with a view to Atlantis, it is impossible to add  >topical years< plus >Plato’s years<: They have different values; - they are not compatible.

Plato speaks at one single point only about >8,000 years ago<, what was beside the substantially more sensational 9,000 years, given less attention. But  these  8,000 years turn out to be the key to a real-historical Atlantis. If we read in addition in Timaeus 23 e: >the number of the years... is in the consecrated script given as 8,000 years<.

Because of Solon’s stay in Egypt from 570 to 560 BC is historically proved, the year 560 BC is an appropriate calculation basis; declared as a farewell gift from the Saïtic priest to Solon. The result of this calculation is astonishing:

One earth year is corresponding to 365 ¼ days, and one lunar orbit is 28 days, so the >Atlantis formulary< is:  >Solon’s years< (not Plato’s years) divided by 13:  

                                                  8.000 : 13 = 615 years

                                                               +     560  BC

                                                                    1.175  BC          

The calculation states that, in the year 560 BC, when Solon, together with the priest from Saïs, shared the consecrated writings, ...since the year 1,175 BC had passed 615 years.  If you take a look at the list of pharaohs you can see that >8,000 years before Solon< and >year 8 of Ramses III<, both signify the year 1,175 BC as a classical synchronism, certifying simultaneously the Atlanteans’ entrance into real history. €

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