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The Brockhaus (lexicon), where the German-speaking world got its information for more than 100 years, treats the Atlantis topic, for lack of factual knowledge, as a kind of hybrid; half mythical, half historical. (Quote:)                                        >Atlantis, since ancient times, a mythical island, according to Plato, out of the Strait of Gibraltar, situated in the district of Gades; it had been larger than Asia and Lybia taken together. Plato transferred the mighty empire up to here, that was vanquished 9.000 years before him by the Athenians, and then it sunk in the depth of the sea. The Question about the location of Atlantis is controversial.<

In 2014, the Brockhaus ceased the print version. Wikipedia, the most visited online lexicon, took over the completely unfounded doctrine of Brockhaus, publishing the Atlantis fake even polyglot and in addishon of that - worldwide; (Citation:)                                                                                             >Atlantis (Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος Atlantìs nḗsos‚ Isle of Atlas) is a mythical island kingdom that the antic Greek philosopher Platon … spoke about first and described … After a failed attack against Athens, finally, following a natural disaster, Atlantis has been drowned at 9,600 BC in a single day and a unfortunate night…< (End of citation.)

A good opportunity to put an end to the unfortunate >9.000 years of Plato< for all times. Every bachelor knows at the latest since quarta that the foundation of Athens is to be fixed with >about 1.500 BC<... The >specialists< at Wikipedia, however, date the downfall of the Atlantians to 9.600 BC. In plain language this would mean, ...>the Athenians would have defeated the Atlanteans already millennia before their own city foundation.< ...what a paradox.

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