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The entire basic knowledge about Atlantis goes back to two solitary late works by Plato, the dialogues Timaeus and Critias, which Plato published around 2 ½ millennia ago. Plato explicitly refers to a manuscript by Solon, which he brought back from his 10-year educational journey from Egypt, as the origin of the Atlantis theme; his Egyptian diary (as I call it) from the years 570 - 560 BC.

Dating Atlantis, the Crux of Atlantis-research made a serious misdiagnosis with Plato's >9,000 years<, when Plato posted both in Timaeus 23 e and in Critias 108 d, >first of all, let us remember that, taken together 9,000 years have passed since, as it was said, the war between those living outside the Pillars of Heracles (i.e. Gibraltar) and all those living inside them (the Mediterranean) took place<. It's easily seen through that the Atlantis specialists calculated the age of Atlantis of fabulous 11,500 years simply adding the 2,500 years that had passed since then to >Plato's 9,000 years<. They just ignored the fact that 11,500 years ago the old Stone Age ended, or alternatively the last, Würm/Weichsel/-Wisconsin-Ice Age, ...when mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, bison, saigas and huge herds of reindeer were still grazing in the Elbe marshes outside today's Hamburg/Germany.

With the mention of Athens in connection with Atlantis, Plato enters historical ground when he writes (Critias 109 a): >But first we must necessarily describe the military power and the constitutions of both the Athenians of that time and the enemies against whom they waged war<. However, since Athens was only founded around 1,500 BC, (KEKROPS I., 1,555 - 1,506 BC), the said >Atlantis 11,500 years ago<, - proves to be unscientific (or outright nonsense).

The Swedish all-rounder Olof Rudbeck already suspected around 1700 that the 9,000 years mentioned by Plato must have been months in reality...                    Let us now clarify that an earth year, i.e. one orbit of the earth around the sun, lasts 365 ¼ days. A >shorter year< (or a longer one) is outright humbug. In ancient Egypt, from where Solon brought the theme of Atlantis, people calculated both by years (365 ¼ days each) and by lunar cycles (28 days each). However, ...just as the proverbial >apples and pears< cannot be added together, so for the dating of Atlantis, no current years and Plato's >years< can simply be added together; they have different values: they are not compatible.

With the legibility of the ancient Egyptian writings, the supposedly mythical Atlantis turns into real European history: on large stone tablets big like tennis courts, King (Pharaoh) Ramses III reports on his great victory over the Atlanteans in his 8th year of reign: (Quote from tablet 46, lines 1 - 5:)  >Year 8 under his majesty of Horus: Mighty as a bull, strong and with sharp claws like a lion, ... with a strong arm; ... Favorite of the two goddesses ... Mighty like his father Montu, victor over the Nine Bows, who subdued them and drove them out of Egypt...<  

The >year 8 of Ramses III< corresponds to the year 1,175 BC. The Atlanteans thus entered the real history of this world and Plato handed down written history in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias.

To find the location of Atlantis, the Ninth Bow is primarily a geographical term for ancient Egypt. As a kind of precursor to the current longitude and latitude, the geocentric world view of the Egyptians was divided into ten Bows. To my knowledge, there is no pictorial representation of how the Bows were individually scaled. However, the basic concept is known, ...according to which the sun casts no shadow on the first Bow at midday and ...on the tenth Bow - at midnight – the sun is in the north; >in the distant darkness.<

It is considered certain that the Ninth Bow leads through the land of Temeh; the Northern Country. As the term NineBows stands for the peoples of the Ninth Bow, the peoples bordering the Atlantic, - the Atlanteans, - in the Egyptian annals, - are called both NineBows and/or Temehu; northerners.  In the reciprocal value, the Ninth Bow leads through the land of Temeh, the Northland, which thus proves to be the former Atlantis.

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