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The general doctrine of Atlantis, ...which is largely concerned with esotericism, science fiction, fantasy and/or pofic*, quite logically exposed as nonsense by the newly developed Atlantonomy.

*>pofic<, synthetic word for unscientific; composed of the first letters of ...presumption, opinion, faith, ignorance and contention.   

Plato never ever mentioned a Continent Atlantis, neither in Critias nor in Timaeus, those of his works transfering ihe topic Atlantis. Nonetheless, such a continent is spooking around the comprehensive Atlantis literature.                      To convince even the most stubborn supporters of such a continent Atlantis, …we are loading down the Mid-Atlantic ridge map from the internet: The map showing the Mid-Atlantic threshold, that’s where the former primal continent Pangaea divided, ...drifting permanently apart as the continents North- and South-America to the left, and Europe with Africa to the right: 


                                                MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE

A glance at the radar map shows the course of evolution: - Where the Atlantis-specialists localize their continent (Atlantis) >that had gone down<, the evolution, on the contrary, has developed a sea: the Atlantic Ocean.                    As the largest ever possible puzzle on earth, the NASA's radar-map shows how the continental break-lines are fitting together.

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