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About Atlantis you will have to undergo a radical change all of your previous conceptions from the elementary beginning. Whatever you have heard or read about Atlantis or what you’ve seen in movies or television programs, declared as Atlantis, has nothing to do with Plato’s Atlantis, except the name itself. Unaware of the historical facts, Atlantis was branded by the sciences as legendary. And in parallel, authors of all conceivable provenances extended the >sparse 20 pages of Plato< at their own discretion to huge libraries filled up on the subject of Atlantis, blown up again and again by the new media to a multiple of analogue and digital products. No wonder that the Atlanteans in the meantime jetting with submarines and flying apparatuses through the literature, so that a historical Atlantis, for the actual scientific point of view is far away from any awaiting.

And yet, during the last 30 years I have succeeded in disentangling the tremendously trashed topic Atlantis, in a very logical and understandable way. Sorting out the relevant scripts, at least comparable to threshing cereals,  I had to decide what's the chaff and what is the wheat. The remaining Atlantis-relevant texts can be counted on one hand only, listed here, at the sequence of their origination:

The codices of the Merenptah-Stela, the texture of the Amun temple of Ramses III in Medinet Habu, and, dating from the same time, the historical sections of Papyrus Harris, as well parts of the Old Testament  and last but not least >the sparse 20 pages of Plato<. With the radical removal of the big load of pofic ballast, Atlantis appears in a completely new dimension as an integral component of Europe’s past during the >Late Nordic Bronze Age<.

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