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Whatever you have heard or read about Atlantis or what you’ve seen in movy programs or on TV,  declared  as  Atlantis,  has  nothing  to  do with Plato’s Atlantis, except the name itself. You will have to undergo a radical change  of  all  your  previous  conceptions about Atlantis  from  the elementary  beginning. Unaware of the historical facts, Atlantis was branded by the sciences as legendary and with that unhistorical. In reality however, the seemingly Myth of Atlantis has proved to be a part of Europe’s distant past.

With J.  F. Champollion’s decoding the hieroglyphics we have access to the same relevant written sources in which already Solon participated, writing up his Egypt-diary, that, about 200 years later, Plato served as a template for his (so-called) Atlantis Report.

Thanks to the Egyptian scribe’s precision we are informed in detail about the origin of the Atlanteans from the year 1175 BC. And significantly the  former Atlantis only could have been …where the Atlanteans have come  from. Just read my book on this:

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