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In my doctrine the Bronze Age riparian peoples of the Atlantic Ocean bear the name Atlanteans and their settling areas accordingly to that – Atlantis. The said >City of Atlantis<, however, could never ever have existed because of several reasons:

The former peoples bordering the North and Baltic Seas, - both seas are inland seas of the Atlantic Ocean, - build their houses >all in wood< and, in the Northwest of Europe, the usage of masonry has only existed since Roman times. And exactly because of that, in the thirteenth century BC the said City of Atlantis could  n o t  have existed. (There are further more  criteria to be mentioned in the course of the book.)  

About the origin of the Atlanteans it is stated in Timaeus (24 e), (without calling them explicitly by their name,) >…these histories tell of a mighty power which unprovoked made an expedition against the whole of Europe and Asia, and to which your city (of Athens) put an end. This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean…<

The close alliance with Plato’s >Atlantis report< and the >written History of ancient Europe< ocurred in Ramessid times in Egypt. The Atlanteans were recordet under the regencies of the Egyptian kings Sethôs I/Ramses II, Merenptah and Ramses III. With that the Atlanteans entered the stage of the World History.

Let’s read now in the great Amun-Temple of Ramses III in Medinet Habu/Egypte, the former Theben west, on plate 46:                                                                      >Year 8 under the majesty of the Horus: Mighty Bull, strong lion, mighty of arm, possessor of a strong arm, taking captive the Asiatics; Favourite of the Two Goddesses: Rich in Strength like His Father Montu, destroying the Nine Bows, driven from their land… (€: ...that was occupied and already being farmed by them.)

The Ninth Bow is primarily a geographical term; a sort of precursor of the modern classification according to degrees of longitude and latitude. The Egypt geocentric conception of the world was divided into Ten Bows. Unfortunately, no graphic representation is remaining how the individual Bows were scaled. Nevertheless, the elementary concept is known that, at the First Bow,  the sun casts no shade at midday and, at the Tenth Bow, at midnight, the sun stands at the extreme northern end of the world,; >in the distant darkness.< It is valid that the Ninth Bow leads through the >land of Temeh<; the North Lands. Therefore the Atlanteans are designated in contemporary Egyptian annals as well as Temehu, Northlanders, and, coming from the Ninth Bow region, they were handled as NineBows; ...the people from the Northern Territory. (The name Atlantis itself, however, arose only later by Solon/Plato.)

Let’s continue on Plate 46: >Egypt was a fugitive, she had no shepherd, while they bore woes because of the Nine Bows; but I encompassed it about and established it with my valiant arm. I appeared like Re as King in Egypt; I protected her (Egypte was a >She<; the author,) driving out for hear the Nine Bows. As for the foreign countries, they made a conspiracy in their isles. (…)  Their confederation was the Peleset, Theker, Sekelesh, Denen and Weshesh, lands united.<

Questioning now the >conspiracy in their isles<, as Ramses III reacted upset, I conclude that a >decision by Thing< led the Atlanteans to an organized Exodus from their residential territories at the North Sea and the Baltic.                          This indicates that the tradition of a democratic governance >by Thing-decision< must be much older than it is generally thought. Until the present day the Norwegian Parliament is called Storeting, and in Denmark - Folkething, the Icelandic government is called - Althing, and on the Faroe Island's - Løgting.  €

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